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SUPER FLUID WATER BASED LUBRICANT is not your average lube. It's a science backed iso-osmotic and pH balanced formula designed to protect the delicate eco system of our most intimate areas. This smooth and slippery serum mimics the body's natural fluids to enhance the ease, comfort and longevity of any sexual activity. 

Always free from parabens, petrochemicals, flavours, fragrances and dyes to protect the body's microbiome from sensitivity and irritation. Compatible with latex and polyisoprene condoms + silicone toys. 

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Roshelle S.
The only personal lubricant that matters!

Love, Love, Love this product.

Gentle, Zero sticky, melts into my skin.

I have tried numerous personal lubricants over the years that I could not use due to my sensitivities and allergies. I had pretty much given up on the idea that I would ever find one that would work for me.

Thank you 🙏 Field Trip for creating a PERFECT product after so many big brands have failed me.

SuperFluid is officially a night stand staple for me. I don’t say this only in the interests of its high quality, I also appreciate it’s thoughtful & elevated packaging which keeps me from needing to hide it away.

Highly recommend the locking pump. Not only useful for travel purposes but it also provides easy access in seconds for when you want to have some fun at a moments notice.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 stars


I almost gave up on trying a new lube product but I am so glad I found this one. I found other brands caused an uncomfortable burning sensation which is the exact opposite of the desired affect! I thought they were all the same but Super Fluid is SO. MUCH. BETTER. No burning, no stickiness and actually no scent. I didn’t think this existed. The fact that it’s also packaged nicely in glass also takes it to another level. Please never stop making this formula.

Takes intimacy to the next level

My partner and I are obsessed with this lube. Silky smooth, non-irritating, and packed with good-for-you ingredients. It was a wonder on our TTC journey (we're expecting)! It'll continue to be a staple for us for years to come.

Fisher, T.
Top Tier Lubricant!

Please never change your formula, please never stop making this! I’m in LUV. This is the best lube I have ever used. It’s slippery and never sticky. There’s absolutely no residue left on my skin afterwards and the ingredients are SO COOL. Thank you thank you thank you for making this. I have been struggling to find a great lube to replace my old fav that’s been discontinued. Also I super appreciate that it doesn’t look like lube and has a glass bottle and pump. 25 out of 10!

Caitlin R.
Literal Game Changer

Hands down best lube I've ever tried. I'm typically pretty sensitive but with Super Fluid there was zero irritation! Love the formula and the packaging. Customer for life!