its all natural

In today's modern beauty industry so many products are now “off the shelf” - meaning manufacturers offer pre-made formulas that are sold to numerous brands in the same space, then marketers add their own twist. In many instances, brands aren’t required to disclose what goes into their fragrances which is often a mixture of synthetic chemicals, such as petroleum and phthalates.

Creating a clean and effective fragrance for body products using delicate natural notes over traditional artificial scents isn’t easy, but Field Trip was able to harness these unique and synthetic-free fragrances without compromising quality or sophistication.

Our mission was to create a final product that competes with traditional fine fragrance, but embodies the principles of clean, green and vegan skincare ingredients. 


At Field Trip, we’ve created bespoke formulas + scents directly from the natural world, to arouse a genuine, stimulating response within each individual. The power of each raw natural ingredient is something so different—physically, spiritually, energetically—than what you can ever get with synthetics. When you’re wearing a fine fragrance using real, only-natural ingredients, you are wearing something that’s alive. We use only essential oils and isolates derived from flowers, fruits, sap, seeds or skin of the plant as well as bark, leaves, roots, resins or wood. It’s not just about the toxic ingredients that synthetics are composed of; but that they lack the true essence of the plants they’re imitating. 

Wearing a pure, botanically-derived, synthetic free fragrance is more than a happy-go-lucky statement, it connects us to the mystery and alchemy of sexy, ancient human traditions. We wear it because it smells incredible and awakens our sensual side –earthy, exotic, deeply luxurious and remarkably original.


Scent profile: greenn, woody, warm + spicy

Grounding, sensuous + deeply calming.

Delicious and dark yet inviting. It's both sexy and deep. A lovely dark green, woodsy fragrance that will instantly put you in a more relaxed state of mind. Rich, woody, exotic and lingering, evoking feelings of warmth + comfort. Balance your mood, quiet the mind and inspire relaxation with Aphrodesia. 

Notes: Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Cinnamon + Vetiver


Scent profile: fresh, green, floral + citrus

Exotic + primal, evoking feelings of euphoria and confidence.

An elegant floral with an irresistible blend of citrus, floral and seductive notes. Refreshing and rounded; sweet, but complex with nuances of fruit, it reeks of hedonism and lust. Flora Forever is an explosion of freedom for anyone who loves pleasure and liking. 

Notes: Bergamot, Neroli, Jasmine + Ylang Ylang


Our fragrances are formulated using traceable, sustainable and up cycled extracts sourced from around the world, including Organic Neroli + up-cycled cedar wood from Morocco, Vetiver from Madagascar, organic Italian Bergamot and wild-harvested Australian Sandalwood to name a few.

Within FLORA FOREVER, you’ll find ingredients that, with the help of a non-governmental organization, plant more than 80,000 new trees annually. Our Neroli from Morocco helps fund a preservation project to improve the local environment and replant the trees and shrubs used as firewood during the distillation process. They use fast growing shrubs to avoid cutting down mature trees, which helps them avoid unnecessary wood chopping and promotes a circular economy. 

Within APHRODESIA, are ingredients that support community projects like opening a school and welcoming over 70 students ages 5-15 from the region of Lohorano to improve their quality of life. Our up-cycled cedar wood from Morocco is extracted from sawdust, a by-product of the furniture industry to minimise waste and help preserve the local environment.


Our custom fragrances are specially formulated to avoid, or adhere to the acceptable concentration levels of the IRFA (International Fragrance Association) standard, ensuring that they are safe for their intended uses and are kinder on the skin. Their usage and limits are regulated by IFRA. Additional information on the application of IFRA Standards is available publicly at